Diet for lean gains for female

If you want to achieve your dream body. You need to manage your carbs, protein, and fats. You need to get your numbers right. Calculating how much calories you need according to your goals is not enough, you need to know how much calories you need from carbs, how much from protein and how much from fats. Managing macros (protein, carbs, and fats) is not enough, you need to consume and manage micros also in order to achieve your goals.
Building muscle requires a diet which can increase your daily intake of calories, that is to gain muscle you must eat more calories than you burn each day. By simply working out and hoping to build muscle is just like preparing for an exam without knowing the syllabus.


But if your calorie intake is too much, then you will gain fat too. What's the point of gaining 20-30lbs if a good portion of that is fat? So you need to be in surplus as per your body requirements.



100g sprouts + 20 almonds

*sprouts and almonds need to be soaked overnight, so you need to take care of it the night before you need to consume it.

Mid noon

1 bowl salad ( panner / vegetable) 250g


100g whole wheat pasta+ 4 egg whites

Before workout

Black coffee + any fruit

*choice of the fruit can be according to you, well banana fits in well!

*you can also go with the fruit salad

Post workout

2egg whites +  1glass whey protein in water


50g paneer+50g lentils (dal) 2roti+green salad

Before bed

1 glass of milk + 10 almonds

Maintaining such a balanced diet on the regular basis is very challenging and it can be far more difficult than going to the gym regularly. Dedication, discipline, and motivation are all you require to maintain a lean body.

best of luck!

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