Diet for lean gains men

If you wish to achieve a perfect and lean body that every teenage boy desires, you need to work hard for that. Not only focusing on discipline and dedication in your workouts routine, you also need to focus on your nutrition intake in a professional and ethical way.

And here I will guide you through some ways you can maintain a regular diet without any loose ends.

  • firstly jot down the list of healthy food you can arrange in a short time notice and calculate the calories/ protein/carbohydrate content in it.
  • then segregate the list according to your daily routine (around 1800-2500 calories)
  • follow the routine

Following the routine is the toughest part, we do plan certain thing in our mind but are not able to follow it. writing the list of easily available food makes it little easy to follow. always remember to add an adequate amount of protein in your diet you can add whey protein to your diet to complete your protein intake. You can buy protein here whey protein


4 egg whites+50g oats in milk + 20almonds
Mid noon
2 brown bread+30g peanut butter
200g salad in olive oil +3 whole egg+ 75g  white rice
Before workout
2bananas + 10 almonds +( creatine powder with water*read instructions before use)
Post workout
4egg whites +1 grass whey protein banana shake
100g paneer+ 2roti+ salad + vegetable(curry)
Before bed
5 dates+  20 almonds


You can customize the plan and add or remove items according to the availability of the product.

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