Fat Loss


Fat loss is a challenge for most but don't panic. For fat loss, you need to be in calories deficit. You should consume less calories than what you are consuming right now. For fat loss you should consume 1 gram Protein per pound of your body. If your protein intake is low on a calorie restricted diet, you will lose a lot of muscle in addition to fat. You need to consume low carbs. You also need to consume essential fats. Fat loss does not mean no to fat.

 Fat loss :

  • Morning:

4 Egg whites and  1 whole Egg + Fruit salad

  • Mid-noon:

50 gram Nutrella Salad

  • Lunch:

75 gram Sprouts + 4 Almonds

  • Before Workout:

1 cup black coffee

  • Post Workout:

1 scoop Whey Isolate

  • Dinner:

100 gram Chicken Breast Salad

  • Before Bed:

10 gram Peanut Butter

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