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MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout, 1.1 lb Orange

MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout, 1.1 lb Orange+ Enlarge

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Product Description

• ENHANCED STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE: MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout 1.1lb Orange helps to provide 2000mg Creatine,1500mg beta-alanine and 1500mg betaine help to fuel your muscles for more strength during workouts and better stamina to power through and finish strong
• BETTER FOCUS: Tyrosine along with 200mg caffeine, enhances your mental focus and alertness, and drives you to achieve more at the gym
• Monster Pumps: It comes packed with 3500mg Citrulline Malate & 2000mg L-Arginine, which helps to swell your muscles with increased blood flow that helps in muscle growth when you train and results in Monster pump that you can feel post workout
• FULL TRANSPARENCY: With the proprietary blends found in other pre-workout products, you never know exactly what amounts you're putting into your body. MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout Orange contains NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS, which means what it says on the label is what's in the scoop


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